Monday, May 7, 2007

St. George and the Blue Bunny

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Upon leaving Zion National Park a day ago, the trip leading up to Las Vegas is now one of not-so-gradual re-entry back to American consumer culture.

And what could be more American than ice cream? In St. George, tucked away in the southwest corner of Utah, we found the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor. We were familiar with the brand because, well, back in Iowa everybody knows Blue Bunny Ice Cream, from the small town of Le Mars, self-proclaimed "Ice Cream Capital of the World". Family-owned Wells' Dairy has built a plant and distribution center here in St. George to expand their business in the western United States. Now you can find Blue Bunny Ice Cream even in Death Valley.

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When the Wells family decided to build an ice cream parlor here, they must have left their Iowa conservatism back home. Here's what their brochure says:

"Guests are lured into the world of Blue Bunny, with exciting colors, towering ice cream cone sculptures and an interactive light feature.

Luring us into the world of Blue Bunny

"The Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor staff strives to make each guest's visit exceptional by providing excellent customer service and fun performances, including dancing, singing and other activities that encourage guest participation. You never know what they might do during your visit!"

Too bad I waited until leaving the store to read the brochure, or I would have known to ask the lone girl behind the counter to entertain us with a song or dance, rather than see her engage in boring chit-chat with her friend who wandered in aimlessly when we were halfway through our rich, calorie-packed shakes.

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