Friday, May 4, 2007

Cedar City, Utah

Leaving Zion, we drove a few dozen miles northwest to spend the night in the town of Cedar City. This place was entirely forgettable, except for two items.

1) Every pickup that drives around through town has at least one dog on board. Sometimes two or more. This fact was learned while spending 30 minutes at Wendy's and watching all the traffic out the window. I had the impression that canines run the show here, with humans serving as their lackeys, chauffeurs, taxi drivers, you name it.

2) There is an exceptional local museum here, called Iron Mission State Park. It showcases the local history of Cedar City, and has an astounding array of old wagon, buggies, and coaches. These are from the days when horses, rather than pickups, served to drive all the dogs around town.

Iron Mission, in Cedar City, Utah is one of the best local history museums I've ever visited
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How dogs got around in the 1800s

The stagecoach holding my cardboard cutout (for photos of me on bad hair days)

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