Saturday, March 24, 2007

In California Without California Cuisine

FYI: I was without Internet for the past three days, but should have it every day now. I've got a lot to tell about from the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, and will try to get caught up soon. This posting says the 24th, but I am actually getting it on the net late night on the 26th. Thanks for your patience!!

I am sort of in the doghouse for neglecting to bring certain items in the cooler with me from Oakland, such as bagels, sun-dried tomatoes, guacamole, and humus. Susan’s packing instructions just said to take these from the refrigerator “if I wanted to make a sandwich”.

I did think about it, and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. I had a mission--getting to Las Vegas in time to pick everyone up--and I wouldn't be diverted from that mission to make sandwiches.

Well, it turns out that I misinterpreted things. I was supposed to bring these items for EVERYBODY's eating pleasure. When I met Susan and Tools again in Las Vegas (they flew there, while I drove the distance from their house in Oakland), she scolded me mildly and commented “I forgot how literally my brother takes things.

After realizing my failure, they tried valiantly to bring some of these items from home with them on their flight to Vegas, but it's enough to say that some TSA agent in San Francisco is now enjoying a nice humus sandwich.

Where's lunch? I let them down

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Anonymous said...

Mistakes like that... 'Like father like son. It doesn't get better with age. sorry. Dad

ps We sure enjoy the blog. thanks