Saturday, March 24, 2007

Primm, Nevada

Once I had picked up everyone at the airport, we traded in the traffic and crowds of Vegas for more crowds in literally the middle of nowhere: Primm, Utah, home of a giant casino complex, hotel, outlet mall and amusement park, all under one management. Nothing else is there, well except for a gas station.

Primm's raison d'être is explained by the fact that it lies on Exit 1 of Interstate 15, as close as one can be to California and still gamble legally. Rising like Oz from the Mojave Desert, Primm beckons to gamblers from Los Angeles who can't wait to get started, or can't bear to quit until they finally must return home.

Our reasons for staying here were twofold: 1) being Friday, hotel prices in Vegas were astronomical, and 2) we would be 38 miles closer to the places we wanted to see on Saturday.

So, we entered the smoky city/casino/hotel called Whiskey Pete's, tramped past the slot machines with our suitcases to the elevators in the back (which we shared with a somewhat drunk patron who had been ensconced here all week), and rode up to the 16th floor for a night's sleep.

Not much need for gardeners outside my hotel window.

N35.61153 W115.39249

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Anonymous said...

Primm, Utah? Someone has to check on you. His only excuse was that it was 1:00 a,m,