Monday, March 26, 2007

Just a Matter of Time

Those of you reading this blog know full well that the time and date shown on the postings are not really when I submitted the posts--I am several days behind with my narrative. An issue that has just gotten more and more confusing to me since leaving California is the simple question, "What time is it?"

When we left there, we drove to Arizona. California is on Pacific Daylight Time. Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time...mostly. That means that even though we changed time zones, I didn't have to change my watch. Yesterday we visited the Hopi Nation, which is on the same time as most of Arizona. But to get there, you have to pass through Navajo country, where they do observe Daylight Savings Time, contrary to the rest of the state. When you leave the Hopi lands, its back into Navajo country--change that watch again! If I had been diligent, I think I should have changed my watch three times yesterday, even though we traveled only 260 miles.

As I write this I am in Kayenta, Arizona, which is near the Utah border. But I'm not really sure what time it is. The sign at the hotel front desk said "Mountain Standard Time (MST)", but a lot of people say that even when they should really be saying "Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)." I think that is the case here.

Add to that, some of my electronic gizmos (like my GPS unit) are not aware that the US moved to Daylight Savings Time earlier this year, and have had to be corrected manually.

What got me onto this topic is that my watch buzzed me awake a short while ago, but the alarm clock has yet to go off...I see they are set to different times. So it's just as well that my posting dates bear no relation to the true time--I probably couldn't tell you if I tried.

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