Monday, July 26, 2010

Alaska here we come!

So, after a long silence, here I am again about to start another trip. This will be my first time to see the state of Alaska.

It will be a family affair. My sister Susan and her husband Tools are there already, and have been since June. They have a cabin that Tools constructed some years back near the town of Healy.

Dad is also there. As I write he is on his way northward from Anchorage to his destination, Kantishna, a small collection of buildings literally "at the end of the road" deep inside Denali National Park. This will be his fifth season as a pilot for Kantishna Air Taxi. More on that later.

But I am not yet there. My mom and I are flying up together. We left from Kansas City airport this afternoon, and are now in the middle of a layover at Denver. From here will will fly on up to Anchorage, where Susan and Tools are supposed to meet us on our arrival at about 10PM this evening Alaska time, which is one hour behind Pacific Time.

Susan has the trip all planned out, so I got to take it easy in that department this time. I don't have a lot of knowledge of what to expect, so I'm sure it will open my eyes to many new things, places and people. Just what I love!

Waiting for the curtain to rise on in-flight entertainment.

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