Tuesday, April 24, 2007

With Apologies, Capitol Reef

West of Hanksville, Utah

Yesterday I mentioned that the Colorado Plateau has a higher concentration of parklands than anywhere else in North America.

Well, at this point in the trip there was a moment when I had this thought: "Yet another National Park?" It was getting late, and we'd already been--in one day--through Monument Valley, Goosenecks State Park, the Moki Dugway, and Natural Bridges National Monument...great places all. So, when Capitol Reef National Park came within range...we just kept driving.

Capitol what? Capitol Reef. Perhaps the biggest national park that you've never heard of. And--sad to say--I'm not going to do anything to change that.

At least I snapped a few pictures while we drove through Capitol Reef on our way to the night's rest stop in the small town of Torrey...

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